Why Pillar?

Fast, Reliable, Consistent Results

Pillar offers more than just electronics. Our team has decades of experience in industrial manufacturing and we pride ourselves on being able to take just about any project idea and transform it from a raw idea inside your mind to a finished product on your shelf. Here are just a few ways that we can help you…

Cost Reduction

Starting with consulting at the beginning of the process, to pre-production simulations, to our experience with shipping and logistics, Pillar offers opportunities for cost reductions. One thing we’ve learned through the years if efficiency; Getting it right the first time saves everyone time and money.


Time Savings

Because we have a network of trusted manufacturing partners and experience with every step of the import-export process, Pillar saves time by finding the right manufacturer for your product and getting your product to you when you need it.


Peace of Mind

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Pillar is applying over 30 years of experience generating customer solutions to your product at every step of the process.



Pillar offers all the services you need for engineering, manufacturing and logistics. With just one call to Pillar Industries, we will coordinate the entire supply chain to take your project from concept to market.