Our Services

From Idea to Product

From power supplies to custom parts and electronic components, Pillar Industries is your trusted partner in design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics.

Creative Ideas

Pillar is your partner and consultant to provide options and resolve any challenges that come your way. Our network of global manufacturing partners and experience provide the knowledge to deliver solutions at any point in the process, from design and engineering to manufacturing to logistics.

Design & Engineering

Pillar’s partners can support your product at any stage of design and engineering. If you have a concept that needs to be engineered, Pillar can facilitate the development of engineering drawings. If you have engineering drawings that you need to turn into a tangible product, Pillar can connect you with the right manufacturing partner.

Global Resourcing

Pillar’s network of trusted suppliers have been providing high quality products that meet customer specifications for over 30 years. We can find the right manufacturing partner for your unique product and source the most cost-effective materials that meet your specifications.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Pillar’s global manufacturing partners have state-of-the-art software to simulate manufacturing processes prior to a production run. This allows for troubleshooting and resolution of issues before products are made, saving you time and money.

Shipping & Logistics

Once your product has been produced, Pillar handles all the details of getting it from the manufacturer to you. We can expedite the shipping and delivery process to meet your deadlines, or if you have more flexibility with delivery dates, we can reduce your costs by combining shipments.

Warehousing & Distribution

Once your product reaches the United States, Pillar can warehouse your product and either ship it or deliver it where you need it, when you need it.